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The Buckingham International Hotel is well known for its excellent accommodation facilities and conference rooms, but it’s also a great destination for locals and tourists alike who simply want to enjoy a high-quality dining experience at a restaurant and bar near Brighton. Busby’s Restaurant & Bar is a fantastic restaurant in Highett that’s open for breakfast and dinner to guests and members of the public, offering exciting international cuisine, professional service, and a relaxing atmosphere. We invite you to come enjoy the mouth-watering meals on offer at one of the best restaurants near Brighton, Bayside.

Choose from Multiple Menu Packages to Suit Your Tastes

As one of the leading restaurants in Brighton, Melbourne, we offer a variety of seasonal menus and dinner packages for special events throughout the year. We also boast an extensive range of local and imported beers, making us the best choice if you’re looking for Brighton bars in Melbourne. From delectable roast turkeys on Christmas Day and stunning desserts on Valentine’s Day to unlimited beverages on New Year’s Eve and more, The Buckingham is an obvious choice when you’re looking for a top quality restaurant in Highett.

Come and Enjoy Our Inviting Atmosphere

Our restaurant in Highett boasts an attractive décor and a warm fireplace inside, as well as a beautiful outdoor terrace amongst tranquil garden views. Whether you want to enjoy a glass of red with work colleagues, catch up with friends, or enjoy a delicious meal with the family, the stylish aesthetics of Busbys Restaurant & Bar is sure to make for a pleasurable dining experience. The excellent cuisine and atmosphere of our restaurant also makes us one of the top wedding venues near Brighton.

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